Wednesday, May 28, 2014

WIP Wednesday - Pretty Potent

I'm not usually one to buy bundles, but a couple weeks ago I needed some retail therapy and I bought a fat eighth bundle of Pretty Potent, Anna Maria Horner's most recent line, from an Instagram flash sale.

I'm also not one to jump right in and start cutting into new fabric.  But last night I decided to do just that! 

I need a pair of special quilts, and this fabric is perfect for at least one of them.  I found a pattern I liked, Ravel, which is available for free download on the Kauffman fabrics website, and picked seven of the prints to use.  Then I played around to modify the blocks to a size I could use with the fat eighths.

Since the quilt is constructed mainly of flying geese units, I wanted to use my Quilt in a Day Flying Geese Ruler, but to make the 4" x 8" finished units that the pattern calls for, I didn't have large enough fabric pieces.  I also need a quilt a bit smaller than the pattern.  So, I calculated that a 3" x 6" finished flying geese units would work perfectly.

I don't have a special ruler for that size unit, but I do have a 6 1/2" square ruler with diagonal lines from corner to corner.  I played around with the math to figure out what size squares I needed to start with to get a finished 3" x 6" unit and also with my square ruler to see if I could get the same results as with the special ruler.  The answer is YES! 

Meanwhile, helpercat fell asleep on the job again!  Good thing he's super cute so we'll keep him around even though he certainly doesn't do anything to earn his keep!

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Stephie said...

I have a cat that likes to help just like this - I was basting a quilt the other night and found lovely little footprints right across it! So darn cute though, you have to forgive them!