Monday, March 3, 2014

The Weekly List

i only managed a little sewing this past week.  instead of sewing i spent fourteen hours in the truck on saturday going with M to pick up a camper trailer he was buying to use on the deer lease and then dropping it off at his friend's house near the lease to be worked on at a later date.  sunday i intended to sew, but discovered that my oldest cat was trying to pee all over where he shouldn't and then spent my day picking things up in my craft room to keep them safe! (cat is at the vet today and has been diagnosed with a bladder infection, so at least it's not a behavioral issue!)

if you look at the Feathers quilt pattern as five sections, each with two components joined by a narrow sashing strip, with a wider sashing between sections, i assembled one section this week.  one.  a measly one.

i did prep my pattern pieced for a Super Tote, and picked out fabrics and washed them.

so, yeah, that was the extent of my sewing.  oh, wait, i did finish binding my x&+ quilt.  check back friday for pics of the finished quilt!  and i did work some more on quilting my handpieced grandmother's flower garden quilt.  i guess i got in more sewing than i thought!

so, let's see what i can manage to get done this week.


---> assemble at least two more sections of Feathers quilt
---> more quilting on grandmother's flower garden
---> cut out and prep pieces for Super Tote

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smazoochie said...

Not bad at considering the peeing cat (hope the infection is resolved soon) & time riding shotgun.