Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Finish - X & + Quilt

      Photo credit: Jacey Gray

Last weekend I finally finished the X & + quilt I whipped up last year.  It sat, finished, for months, before I asked my friend Pam to quilt it.  She quilted it in a spiral-y, swirl-y design, but the fabrics are so busy that you can't really see the quilting.

To be honest, I don't love the quilting on this one.  It's good work, I just don't love it.  Certainly not like I love the quilting on my Catvent Quilt, which Pam also quilted for me.  Maybe it's just that I got them both back at the same time, and I love the other soooooooo much, that this one pales in comparison.  Nonetheless, I'm glad to have this finally finished!

I'd intended to make a scrappy binding, using a handful of bright solids, but when I pulled out my box of solid fabrics, there was a half yard cut of Kona Plum Berry on top, so I used that instead.  There's a closeup of the binding below.  I love this color; it's just so yummy!  You can see a bit of the quilting in this picture, too.

This quilt is 61" x 74".

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