Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Quilt for Jonathan

last Wednesday, M's youngest sister T passed away suddenly and without warning.  her husband, C, and their son, Jonathan, are reeling from the loss.  Jonathan is 22 and autistic, still living at home, and was very dependent on his mom.

a few friends had already made plans to get together for some sewing on Saturday, and our hostess, safieh, suggested we make a comfort quilt for Jon.  we decided on his favorite colors, red and navy for the Houston Texas, and asked people to bring scraps of fabrics in those colors.

Lots of people contributed scraps in the chosen colors, and Sally and Dea even had some Houston Texans fabric! 

We decided on a design, and Sally, Mona, and Beth helped out by sewing some blocks.  I chain pieced the rest, and Safieh was in charge of pressing and trimming and passing back to me for the next step.

Safieh was a trooper, and we worked until we had a completed top and pieced back.

Then I went home, and later Saturday night M and the kitten helped me get things basted.

Sunday morning I quilted and added the binding and label.

Mona made the loveliest label using her embroidery machine.


here's the finished quilt, front and back:


note that ringo had to photobomb!

yesterday, when the family was all gathered after the memorial service and burial, I gave Jon his quilt and explained that we had made it to comfort him and told him that every time he wrapped up in it he could remember his mother's loving arms around him.

I hope it helps.

in memory of Tracy Ryan Symmank
July 25, 1968-March 5, 2014


smazoochie said...

Bless his & your hearts.
Fastest quilt ever!

Becca said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. The quilt turned out great.

QuiltingCyclist said...

Wow! It is lovely. You are a wonderful aunt. Thank you for allowing us tobe a part of this comfot quilt.

Fi said...

Unbelievable work by wonderful people. What a special quilt.

Fi said...

Unbelievable work by wonderful people. What a special quilt.

Jacey said...

You and the girls dd such a great job. I hope it can bring him a little peace and comfort. <3