Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Weekly List

this wasn't a very productive week.  at all.  i finished sewing my Feathers blocks into long rows, but haven't sewn the sashing between the rows yet.

i did finally start quilting my grandmothers flower garden quilt that's been basted for the past four months.  i got about 1/5th of the quilting done, but because of what i'm doing - outlining the horizontal "rows" on both inside and outside of the seam lines - it's quite time consuming.

i got both my catvent and my x&+ quilt back from the longarm quilter this week.  i absolutely LOVE the catvent quilt!  i picked the quilting design, and i just adore how it turned out!  i machine stitched the binding to the front and pressed it to the back, so maybe tonight i'll get the handstitching to the back done!

in non-quilting adventures, i joined a new gym - one that offers spin classes and has a pool - and i went to a spin class for the first time in a heck of a long time.  i hadn't even been on a bike at all in over eight months!  i'm a bit sore today, but less than i expected, and it feels good to be exercising again!

and i've taken naps with the cats.  in fact, all five are on the bed with me now as i blog.  kitten's on my feet:

goals for this week:

--- finish binding catvent quilt, launder and photograph
--- assemble Feathers quilt top

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