Saturday, February 8, 2014

Saturday Stash Status

last week was a great week for fabric going out and a great week in that no fabric came in.  this week has been the opposite!

Week ending February 8, 2014:

stash used/disposed of:

1/4 yd for arrow mug rug
1/2 yd for the blocks i made last week, but forgot to count!

stash acquired:

5 yds purchased

i also bought 1 yd of voile for a blouse and 3 yds of fabric for a dress, but i'm not counting garment fabric in these tabulations.

after some thought, i also realized that keeping my annual fabric purchases to 25 yards was a completely unreasonable limit, especially since in counting fabric used i'm having quite a bit of destashing, in addition to fabric used in sewing.  so, i upped my limit to 36 yards, and i'll see how that goes.  if i destash a good bit more of my stash that i'm no longer planning to use, then i may increase the acquisition limit again.

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smazoochie said...

Girl, if you saw my stash! I know myself better than to put myself on a strict fabric diet -- leads to binging. Connecting Threads' printed stripes were on sale for $3/yard: 1 yard of each please, to be delivered early next week.