Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Finish - a small one at any rate

at some point in the past, i had decided i wanted to make a fabric basket.  so, since i seem to use lists to motivate me to get things done, i added making a fabric basket to my list of sewing goals for this week.  and, behold! despite continuing to struggle with the flu,  i got one done!

using this tutorial i made the basket you see above.  i did make some modifications in how i made my basket.  first, while i tried the quilt as you go method, i very quickly grew tired of the starts and stops.  instead, i pieced a patchwork fabric large enough to cup my pieces from.  then, i layered a piece of cotton canvas duck fabric, a medium weight interfacing, and a cotton batting scrap, them placed my patchwork piece on top and quilted it using random straight lines.  i did not interface my lining, though.

turns out, the canvas duck fabric AND the interfacing were a bit of overkill and made pressing the top edge of the basket and topstitching a huge pain!  next time i'd just use muslin and interfacing like the tutorial suggests.

nonetheless, i'm fairly pleased with my basket.  i especially love the panel below, which sadly ended up on the bottom of the basket.  it's got a bit of hoarded Heather Ross frogs and lily pads, a piece of yellow wood grain, and some Anna Maria Horner voile!

all in all, it took about two and a half hours to make the basket, but i'm pretty sure a fair bit of that was learning curve, so future baskets should go more quickly!  these would be great to store fat quarters, scraps, spools of thread, notions, pretty much anything, and it would be simple to re-size for whatever your needs!


smazoochie said...

So pleased you're feeling well enough to sew. Yay, a finish, not matter what size.

Cynthia said...

I love your cute yellow basket, it is beautiful! I'm sorry you were sick, and glad you are feeling better :)