Monday, November 11, 2013

The Weekly List

i had another super-productive sewing week!  while i did get the Tinker Madrona Road quilt basted, I didn't get it quilted, because i needed a lighter grey thread than i had on hand.  instead of showering, getting dressed and running to Jo-Ann over the weekend, i stayed in my pjs and sewed!

i started AND finished not one, but TWO quilt tops on saturday, which are intended as christmas presents for two of my sisters-in-law:

And another Christmas quilt top done! 57" x 57" now to check to see if I have enough batting so I can baste it.

this one is 57" x 57", and it's my favorite of the two.  i pulled the fabric from my rather large stash of really old christmas fabrics, so it's not the slightest bit modern, though it fits with the aesthetic of the woman it will be gifted to.

And another top done! This one 45 x 45.

this one is a bit smaller, at 45" x 45", but i was working with the fabric i had. it's still a nice size to cover up with on the couch!  i'm having second thoughts about gifting this to a sister-in-law, because it's so plain.  if i don't, it's the perfect size for a wheelchair lap quilt, though!

on friday night, i finished a christmas quilt for yet another sister-in-law (i have three!), and once i get it washed and dried, i'll see about getting some good photos.  i also realized that week before last i finished two more quilts that i've yet to show pictures of!

sunday, i settled on a pattern for a christmas quilt for an aunt, got the blocks cut out and more than halfway assembled.  even though the fabrics are, once again, from the late 1990s/early 2000s, i actually like this one. i'll have pictures of that top soon, i hope!

sunday night, i finally got down to working on my felt ornaments for an online swap.  i need to mail them out tomorrow, so i was more than a little frustrated when i couldn't find the googly eyes i know i have on hand!  of course, it was after 6 pm, so Jo-Ann was closed!  i did make a stop on my way in to the office today and picked up some scrapbooking brads to use for the pupils of my ornaments' eyes, so those are on my to-finish list for tonight!

goals for this week:

---> finish felt ornaments, photograph and mail off
---> finish christmas snowball blocks and assemble top
---> prep backings and bindings for all three christmas quilts
---> baste all three christmas tops
---> photograph finished quilts and blog about them!

looks like i'm going to have a busy week!  what about YOU?


smazoochie said...

You're a MACHINE!!!!

Stephanie Granite said...

Wow, you got a ton accomplished! If you think the second quilt top is a little too plain you can always appliqué a Christmas tree or a reindeer on it or something