Saturday, September 28, 2013

Goreme - Vacation Day 1

M and I are on vacation. We've been in Goreme, in the Cappadoccia region of Turkey, for two days. 

I wish we were staying here a few more days , but we fly to Istanbul tonight.

Yesterday we went on a tour. We saw an old monastery, the Greek city of Mustafapas where we saw two generations of women making pasta and drying it for use over the next year.

We had a delicious lunch in a huge garden full of apple trees.

We also went to one of the two largest underground cities in the area, Kaakli. Mark has all of those pictures, though.

We took a three hour nap after we got back to the hotel, then went for a walk and stopped at one if the many restaurants with outdoor seating for a late dinner.  I had Testi Kebab, which is a stew cooked in a pottery vessel, a regional specialty. Delicious!

After dinner, while walking back to our hotel, I picked up a kitten on the street and she was the loviest little thing! He let me hold and cuddle her for about fifteen minutes and went to sleep in my arms.  While we've seen many cats here, this was one of the friendliest and also didn't seem underfed. 

Well, day two's adventures will have to wait for a later post!

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