Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Weekly List

another productive, yet crazy week here!

i made two sets of bell pepper coasters, finished two pincushions for gifts, and pieced my purple and grey bee blocks into a top using some random and scrappy improv pieced sections.

today, i was visiting a local quilt shop with some friends when i got a call from my husband.  a storm had blown through and knocked down some large tree branches, one of which punctured the roof and made an 8" hole, and the electrical panel box somehow came unattached from the back of the house!  we were lucky, though - four houses down, our neighbors' large oak tree in front of their house uprooted and crashed down onto one side of their house!  so, while we have some annoying repairs and cleanup to do, i'm so thankful that our huge oak tree in the back that's diseased and getting cut down later in the month didn't come down on our house!

on friday, i splurged and bought myself a present for being so good with not buying (much) fabric this year and using stash.

Ringo takes a turn

yep!  i bought a 60 in 1 multicade arcade game that now lives in my craft room!

so far i've been good about balancing playing ms. pac man with sewing, so let's hope i can keep it up this week.

goals for this week:

---> piece top with hope valley bee blocks
---> make set of dishtowels from Patchwork, Please! zakka along 2.0
---> clean up patio and get house ready for Houston Modern Quilt Guild BBQ next saturday


smazoochie said...

Re: the tree. Holy Crap!
And looks like you have a good Ms. Pacman partner!

Jacey said...

Oh, awesome! I'm so glad you finally got one, and I can't wait to come play!

And scary news about the tree!! I knew the storms were bad, but had no idea what I missed. I'm glad the big oak is still standing for the time being!