Monday, June 24, 2013

The Weekly List

last week wasn't nearly the productive sewing week i'd hoped for.  in fact, the only goal i accomplished was the "EAT" napkins i posted about on friday.

i found an already-cut piece of batting for my purple quilt, but didn't get it basted. nor did i make the backing for, cut batting and bast the hope valley quilt.


i did, however, finish a lot of laundry, almost completed a dress (but it needs some "adjustments", and made a blouse.

the fact that i was down all day sunday with a stomach bug or food poisoning really hurt my productivity.  i ended up lying in bed all day reading back issues of magazines that had piled up.  at least now i can pass those on to my mom to read and clear them out of my house!

goals for this week:

---> piece backing for Hope Valley quilt
--> baste purple quilt and hope valley quilt
---> mug rug for swap

what are you doing this week?

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