Wednesday, January 16, 2013

WIP Wednesday

this week i've been working on a new project.  at the end of last year i organized my scraps and set a goal to make at least four string quilts for charity.  i also set a goal to make a certain number of quilts i had pinned on Pinterest.  and a set a goal to use up stash fabric this year.

this project is working on all of those goals!

sometime last year, i saw this quilt by Ashley of Film in the Fridge and pinned it:

i knew this would be another great way to use up some of my string scraps!

last saturday i pulled out one paper sack full of scraps, made a triangle template, and started piecing.  i also found some white on white fabrics in my stash that i'm using for the pieces on each side of the triangles.  my blocks are sized a bit differently, and my layout is going to be different as well, but i'm so glad i found this picture and tutorial!



so far, i have 22 completed blocks, another 10 completed triangles, and white pieces cut to finish those.  i've used scraps for the triangles, and 2.25 yards of white on whites from my stash.  based on the layout i drew, i'll only need one more triangle, as my layout calls for 33 blocks that finish at 9" high by 8" wide.  my quilt should end up about 45" x 54" finished.


smazoochie said...

Your goals sound like mine. Love the string triangles -- to keep or give away?

Jacey said...

I'm glad you are doing this one. I think it's a fun variation of your string quilts!