Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Why My Husband Rocks

so, generally M fills my car up so i don't have to do it.  last night, we went out to take care of some errands and i mentioned my car was on empty and we should fill up before we went back home.

ask me what i realized we had forgotten to do when i was rushing out the door late this morning?  you guessed it.  we forgot to fill up my car!

well, i chanced it on the drive in, but knew i'd have to stop on the way home and fill up myself.  but when i talked to M on the phone this afternoon, he asked if i wanted him to bring me five gallons in a gas can to get me home.  at first i said no, because i hated to inconvenience him that much.  then he said would i rather inconvenience him now, or wait until i was really mad and stranded on the side of the road and inconvenience him them.  good point.  he showed up at the office with five gallons of gas for me.



smazoochie said...

M rocks!
Give him a big hug for all women everywhere!

Fiodhna said...

Werd Beth!! Yaay for your wonderful husband.