Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Finish

Lightning Mini-Quilt

this week's finish is a mini-quilt i started last fall.  it should have been an easy finish at the time, and i whipped the top out in a matter of hours.  but then i stalled.  yeah, that's how i roll.

at any rate, this week i picked out a backing fabric, spray basted, then dug through my thread bin to find yellow, orange and green thread.  at first, i was a bit dismayed because i didn't have any green thread that matched the green chevron.  then i realized my plan had been to quilt lines inside each chevron in the color of the chevron above it.  that meant the green thread would be on the yellow chevron, so it didn't have to be a perfect match!

it probably took longer to wind bobbins with three thread colors than it did to do all the quilting! once i got the quilting done and the quilt top trimmed, i was faced with a binding decision.  i didn't have any more of the solids i had used for the chevrons, and i didn't want to do a solid black.  then i found a FQ given to me for my birthday in an orange print that i decided would look great.  binding cut and prepped - check!

a few more minutes at the machine, then i hand stitched the binding to the back while M read, and my mini-quilt was done!

i added rings to the back to hang it in my new office once we get moved next month! here's to more pretty quilts and fewer dead animals decorating my new office!

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Jacey said...

Yay for less dead animals! This turned out lovely. I want to see the quilting in person!