Monday, December 10, 2012

The Weekly List

christmas is two weeks away, folks!  seriously, how can that be?  yesterday i was in shorts and a t-shirt and ate dinner outside!  today is cooler, but it still doesn't feel like christmas.

saturday i was invited to bake cookies with jacey and her family and friends at their annual cookie day.  we baked lovely, delicious treats, and had a fantastic time.

i tried two new recipes, and both turned out quite delicious.

jacey snapped this shot of my candy cane crinkles:

Cookie Day: Peppermint Crinkle Cookies

so what's on my agenda for this week?  a lot of things:

---> bake more cookies!
---> make a few more re-usable produce bags for gifts
---> make placemat/coaster set for co-worker gift
---> whip house into shape for Houston Modern Quilt Guild Christmas party!

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Tsoniki said...

Just like before Sewing Summit and my final paper deadline, I have another final due this weekend. Don't tell me we only have two weeks til Christmas! I have so much I want (need? not sure. LOL) to get done! Love the cookies!