Wednesday, August 22, 2012

WIP Wednesday


despite the distraction of having an adorable new kitten in the house, i pulled out my hope valley patience corner blocks this week, together with a couple of pieces of hope valley yardage, and some small scraps.


i had hoped to have enough to make a full-size quilt for our second guest bed, but i only have 19 blocks, plus cut out pieces for one more.  even with sashing between the blocks and a generous border, i won't have enough without making 16 more blocks! even if i had enough hope valley fabric, which i don't, i wouldn't want to have to make that many more blocks.  as a compromise, though, i'm making a still generous sized quilt - approximately 62" x 74" -  that can be folded and laid across the foot of the bed, on top of a solid color bedspread.


in addition to my blocks and some small scraps, i have one yard cuts of two prints in the purple/orange colorway, and 3 yards of the green dapper dandy print.  i found the green on sale recently and ordered 3 yards, thinking of it for the backing.  however, apparently at an earlier point i'd purchased the two purple/orange prints for border and sashing.  i might still use one of the purple prints for the border, but if i use the green for the backing, the purple will look awful as binding!   i had really hoped to complete this quilt from my stash, without having to buy any more fabric, so maybe i'll just bind in kona coal! alternatively, i may use coal for the border and buy a half yard of kona curry for the binding.

p.s. ozzie and ringo are already friends!

big cat, little cat

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Jacey said...

Oh, the picture of the two of them. Killing me! I think your new plan for the HV squares is reasonable. And that's still a great-sized quilt.