Monday, July 16, 2012

The Weekly List

Last week my goals were to keep on working on finishing things.  Well, that was a big FAIL!  I got nothing from my list done at all!  

On Sunday night, I decided I needed to start a new quilt.  At the HMQG retreat back in May, I won an Opal Owl Jelly Roll, which I hadn't yet done anything with, though I had purchased yardage of some of the prints int he line for backing and binding for a future quilt.  My mom had asked me to make a lap quilt for her cousin's wife's 95 year old mother who had lost everything in a fire at her senior apartments and who was now having to move into a nursing home.  At first I just planned to make a Jelly Roll Race quilt, but decided to do a braid quilt instead.  By the end of Wednesday night, I had five braids, each to finish at 7.5" wide and 50 +" long.  By Friday I had cut strips of kona snow for very skinny sashing and a border.  And that's where I stopped.

M was fishing, so I had a super lazy weekend, filled with a 12 hour marathon of Bones on Netflix from 7:00 p.m. Friday night until 7:a.m. Saturday morning!  Liz and Gaby came for sewing on Saturday afternoon, but we didn't actually sew.  We did fondle fabric, make a trip to JoAnn where we each bought several garment patterns on sale, then went to dinner.

On Sunday morning I cut out a blouse from this pattern:

I found a piece of fabric in my stash to use, and it sewed up very easily and quickly.  However, I decided I didn't like how the facing lay, and the neckline was a bit high in the front.  I cut out the facings and made the neckline a bit lower.  Then I called M and asked him to stop at JoAnn on the way home and pick up some bias binding to finish the neckline, since it was raining and I didn't want to leave the house!  By the time he finally got home, though, I was watching Bones again, and had lost my motivation to finish the blouse!

So, my goals for this week:

--> finish blouse
--> assemble Opal Owl braid top and piece backing
--> cut out linen dress from new pattern

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