Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Weekly List

Last week was another productive week, even with my parents and Emily visiting!  I finished the black & white new wave quilt, prepped the binding for my embroiderbee quilt, and made a cute summer tank out of some greenfield hills voile! I also started and finished an impromptu baby quilt!  i'll show you that in a day or so.

I noticed that i'm really making fantastic progress on my WIP List!  I've got the new wave quilt crossed off as of last week, the (new project) green/orange/yellow baby quilt,too, and two more (embroiderbee and 1930s sampler) in the queue to finish this month as well.  That doesn't leave me with too many unfinished projects, which means I can start tackling some of the new projects I've been dying to try!

This week, though, I'm still working on mostly finishing things:

---> try to start pebble quilting on embroiderbee quilt
---> keep on working on drunkard's path blocks
---> handquilt another star on 1930s star quilt

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