Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Weekly List

last week didn't exactly go as planned, not by a long shot. M didn't get back from shreveport until 2 a.m. on friday! as a result of that, plus being in nacogdoches for his niece amanda's wedding this weekend, i didn't get erinn's baby quilt spray basted until late sunday afternoon. i didn't even get started on the quilting because we had domestic crap to deal with since we'd been gone from early saturday morning until sunday afternoon for the wedding.

fortunately, erinn's baby shower isn't until april 28th, so i have a bit of time. that means i can use this week to focus on a baby quilt for my podiatrist. i have an appointment on the 23rd and i want to be able to take her the quilt then. i had planned to make a simple quilt using oh, fransson's charm squares baby quilt pattern, and wanted to use aneela hooey's a walk in the woods line. unfortunately i didn't get a charm pack but a layer cake and then couldn't bring myself to cut into it! i pulled some other charm packs out and also pulled out a WIP, a charm squares baby girl quilt on which i'd had a slight fail and made the internal sashing strips twice as wide as the pattern called for. as a result, this WIP has been in that state since early 2010! after reviewing my available charm packs i was leaning towards moda's central park, but then i asked M for his opinion. he felt that the WIP quilt was a better choice for a baby. that led to digging through my stash for backing and binding fabrics. i found some in my DS Quilts collection that will work quite nicely.

so, here's my plan for this week:

monday - press quilt top and prepare backing and binding
tuesday - spray baste quilt and mark quilting lines
wednesday - quilt it
thursday - sew binding to front by machine
friday - no time for quilting
saturday - hand stitch binding to back during Houston Modern Quilt Guild meeting
sunday - wash, dry, photograph and wrap

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Jacey said...

I'm sorry plans didn't work out, but it sounds like you've got a plan to get it done! I hope you had fun at the wedding!