Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Weekly List

last week was pretty much a fail when it came to sewing. first, i realized that if i just sewed together all of my wonky nine patch blocks and wonky stars, it would be a pretty small baby quilt. safieh had a good idea and suggested sashing. she even thought she had some kona tangerine, but turned out she didn't. i didn't get to the store to pick up the kona until late wednesday night, when i also realized that i had one extra nine patch block, but still needed one wonky star!

suffice it to say that i didn't get the top finished until saturday night and M helped me baste this afternoon, so i'll hand it over to liz for quilting on monday after spin class.

the plan for this week:

monday - sew together blocks for erinn's quilt
tuesday - piece back for erinn's quilt and baste
wednesday - mark erinn's quilt for quilting and begin quilting
thursday - finish quilting and prep binding
friday & saturday - no time for sewing! mark's niece amanda is getting married!
sunday - bind erinn's quilt and wash it!

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