Thursday, January 19, 2012

WIP Wednesday (a day late)

last saturday, during a sewing day at safieh's i made a pieced strip from my leftover batik scraps and mis-sized blocks to insert in the backing for my dad's quilt. on sunday, liz and gabi came over to sew. i pieced the back of the quilt together, then liz and gabi helped me take the pictures you see above.

after that, we spray basted the quilt, then liz adjusted the tension on my sewing machine and showed me how to pebble quilt. between that afternoon and a little time later in the evening i got about 2/3 of the way through!

Ozzie tests dad's quilt and gives it a paws upozzie approves!

last night, gabi came over again, and i finished the quilting AND got the binding made and prepped.
Dad's quilt
the quilting is far from perfect, but i'm pretty pleased with my attempt to deviate from my standard straight line quilting. in fact, i only ripped out one small patch to do a second time.

my goal is to finish sewing on the binding and handstitching it to the back this weekend. and the biggest surprise of all about this quilt - i hated the blocks, and mostly hated the top, but now that it's quilted i actually like it . . .a lot!

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Jacey said...

Look at you with your pebbles!! Great job, Amy! It's nearly done! Ozzie is such a good helper.