Friday, January 13, 2012

January finish in progress

part of the top for my dad's quilt

my goal for this month's 12 in '12 challenge is to finish up the batik quilt i'm making my dad for his birthday. i've got the top pieced (it's 57" x 57", though you only get to see a portion in the picture above), and today i dragged out my scraps because i want to piece a strip to go on the back.

scraps to make part of the pieced back for my dad's quilt

tomorrow i'm having a sewing play date in the afternoon, so my goal is to get a strip pieced using the extra blocks and strips of the batiks that's 20" by 60". i plan to insert the strip between two sections of kona coal, then bind the quilt in the kona coal as well. i had planned to have my friend liz pebble quilt this one, but my foot is doing so much better post-surgery than anticipated that i'm now going to have her teach me how and quilt it myself! liz is going to come help me baste it on wednesday, so i can get started on the quilting after that. i'm pretty excited that it looks like i'll have this done in time to send it to my dad for arrival on or before his bday (february 3rd)!

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safieh said...

Sounds great! Can't wait to see it (or just the strip) tomorrow!