Wednesday, January 4, 2012

bunnies tea towel set

Tea towel set: January - June

i have a friend who really, really likes bunnies, and who is just about to move across the country to start a new series of adventures. a few months ago, i purchased this embroidery pattern on etsy. when i bought it, i wanted to stitch some bunnies up for myself, but i also had bry in mind, too.

when i found out bry was moving, and the timing coincided with my being bed-bound after foot surgery, i knew the time was right to start stitching! i picked out the images i wanted to use from the pattern, resized where needed, and had a friend print them off for me. Another friend took the patterns home, along with some white Kona fabric, cut out squares, and traced all the patterns on her lightbox, then delivered them back to me the next day.

once i started stitching, it's gone pretty fast, and i'm already halfway done with the embroideries! i had some fabric in mind to use for the tea towels themselves, but turns out bry isn't a big fan of the fabric i had picked. so i let her rummage through my stash the other night and she picked out some lizzy dish fabric from my stash for me to use instead.
Lizzy Dish FQ bundle

hopefully i'll finish the remaining six months' of embroideries this week, though i'm not sure when i'll be able to start putting the towels together!


JuneBug said...

beautiful work! I really like the bunnies. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Jacey said...

They are going to be so freaking cute! Bry will love them. She cracks me up with her bunny obsession!

Bry said...

oh my goodness they are so insanely cute!!!!!!!! I am so excited!