Tuesday, December 20, 2011


last spring, in april, i started Weight Watchers, and for about three months i did really well, losing 19 pounds. in july, i started doing pilates on the reformer. subsequently, i started eating what i wanted again, not counting points, not making a plan. even so, because of the increased exercise, i only gained about 2 pounds and kind of levelled out at 140. i could live with that, especially since my new skinny pants still fit.

then came the holiday eating season. . . you know what that means. this morning i was at 147. and no, saf, that's not my billable hours for the month so far!! to complicate matters, i haven't been able to do pilates for the past few weeks due to a broken toe, and now i'm scheduled for foot surgery on the 28th of december, which means i'll be out for pilates until at least the first part of february.

so, it's time for a reality check. if i can stay under 150 through the end of the year, then i can start back on Weight Watchers again and get back down to 137, which was my low weight back in the summer, or even a few pounds lower than that.


Jacey said...

I think you look great, Amy! I hear you, though. I hope your surgery goes well!

Karamat said...

Best wishes for a speedy surgery recovery!!

New year, new goals... I took a short break from running... In 2007!!! So my new year plan is to start running again (even have a race picked out).

smazoochie said...

Hang in there! You did it once, you can do it again. I am afraid that as we get older, watching calories & trying to stay fit have to become a lifestyle not a program.
Do you want or need anything for post-surgery?

safieh said...

Well I'm there for you, on the surgery, WW AND billable hour fronts!

Anonymous said...

I find your post incredibly refreshing. Shit happens and way to be honest about it. I think you were on the right path with pilates and everyone will be going with you once you are back on your feet. I have been out of exercise since getting sick and can't wait to get moving again so I can eat again!