Saturday, December 31, 2011

day four . . and counting

recovery is boring, and as of yesterday, the vicodin is making me sick, so now i'm queasy and feel sick to my stomach, although cutting my vicodin dosage in half has helped a bit. at first, it seemed that the lower dosage had caused the queasiness and edginess to cease, but seems i was wrong about that.

last night liz and saf brought me thai food, which was really, really, really tasty, and kept me company for a bit. liz brought my christmas present, a kliban cats memory game, so now i'll have to con someone into playing with me! they also brought in the mail, which included a package of fabric from a swap with bookwormbethie. then M was home for a whopping 14 hours, most of which involved sleeping. i did, however, get to change pajamas after a sponge bath, the highlight of my day.

this afternoon, saf brought back a stack of fabric squares onto which she had traced embroidery patterns i sent home with her last night. i hadn't expected all 13 to come back to me today, but it was nice to have something to work on. i've already finished the first of the set of twelve, which are for a set of tea towels.

i have the second one hooped up and ready to go next time i feel like stitching.

other than that, this next picture is most representative of my day: a bed full of lazy cats keeping me


Bry said...

I'm sorry you are so bored but you embroidey is insanely cute!! Wish I had more time to come chill wit you. I will call you Monday and maybe come over a few hours befor dinner??

Staci said...

You poor girl! I know this is boring and painful and even more boring! I hope the queasy feeling can go away soon, that is just adding insult to injury. Your stitchery is just darling, I love it! And am glad you have furry purries to keep you company.