Friday, March 11, 2011


i'm tired. and cranky. i didn't get any work work done today, but i did make myself a small pincushion to take with me to corpus this weekend. i realized as i was packing that all of my pincushions are HUGE. so i whipped up a smaller one out of scraps. no pic of that, though. maybe next time.

this week i tried out making a covered notebook. here is my first attempt:

i didn't like the way the linen stretched, and the corners were bulky. i tried a second one, and it's way better, but no pic as i have to applique some stuff to the front.

some friends and i have all been making lots of zipper pouches lately, and hate paying retail prices for zippers. so, we bought a lot of assorted zippers on ebayL

a couple of days ago, another friend sent me a link to a picture on flickr of a patchwork bag for which some of the patches had been stamped with rubber stamps using small images. inspiration! well, my black staz on ink had dried out, but i found a dark purple with some life left in it. then, turns out my rubber stamps, for the most part, had been reorganized onto a high closet shelf. whoops. i did find a couple in a drawer, as well as all my alphabet sets, so i tried a few things:

that's all for today folks. hope everyone has a great weekend.


Karamat said...

I'm with you on the cranky!! My new Invisaligns feel like I've been socked in the mouth, which has made me less than my usual sweetness & light :o) Here's to a good weekend to wipe away the cranky!

smazoochie said...

I am eager to see your stamped hexies!