Monday, March 28, 2011


photo courtesy of safieh

every other cat i've had has loved to help with quilting and sewing. in the three months we've had ozzie, he hasn't hardly shown any interest, aside from wanting to play with thread while i'm hand sewing.

this weekend that all changed. safieh was over working on her quilt for a swap, and ozzie kept claiming it as his own. everytime we turned around, he was lying on it.



Staci said...

Oh! Isn't he so cute? That quilt just complements his fur so nicely! LOL! And I hope Safieh knows just how honored she should be!

Her quilt looks really amazing!

safieh said...

Thanks, Staci!

First of all, that's not fair to Ozzie -- after all, just the other day he sucked the blood from a spool of thread.

He was REALLY into this quilt. Every time I turned around, he had hopped up and made himself comfortable. In fact, on my real camera, I have progress shots w/ him on the quilt in that same position at every stage. I will update and you can do a progress post, complete with my "helper."

smazoochie said...

Clearly, the boy has a certain style that he favors.
Adorable kitty and beautiful quilt!

Liz said...

He was so funny about that particular quilt. He looks so beautiful up there. I love that picture. And that quilt turned out awsome.