Monday, September 27, 2010

freezer cooking day - the retrospective

i'm so glad M has mad skills!

so, the day began with a rather inauspicious start. the previous week i had noticed the kitchen sink wasn't draining right, but M was out of town. friday night he put two kinds of liquid plumbr down it, but no success. saturday morning he went to home depot to rent a snake. um, yeah. he bought one instead. four hours and lots of mess later, i finally had a working sink, just in time!

before safieh arrived, i started a chicken boiling and chopped all the carrots, onion and celery.

after she got here and we ate a quick lunch of chicken salad sandwiches, we got down to business.

five hours later, we packed it in. we didn't finish everything on our list, but we did pretty well. we ended up with the following:

six meals of spicy honey chicken
five meals of lemon chicken
six meals of cilantro lime chicken
12 quaarts of chicken noodle soup
6.5 quarts of chipotle chicken & corn chowder
eight meals of italian flank steak pinwheels
five meals of baked rigatoni

part of the loot

sunday morning i whipped up nine meals of eggplant parmesan, and tomorrow night i'll put together three - four meals of chicken marsala

all together, that's 61 meals for two people, and some of the meals will almost certainly have leftovers.

our total cost, including ziplocs and disposable aluminum pans to pack the meals in, came to roughly $120. it was more than i had anticipated, but still comes out to less than $2 per meal.

with M working out of town for the next two or three weeks, and eating out once or twice a week, we should be set until November!


Staci said...

Isn't a full freezer a great feeling? Hoping to do some of the same thing over here this month.
Happy Monday!

ytsmom said...

What is your source for these recipe?