Saturday, May 15, 2010

You got what for $1.62?!?

this post is especially for safieh, who really should have followed me to the grocery store on the way home from the quilt guild meeting.

i stopped at the coupon-friendly randall's on shepherd/westheimer to get some more windex multi-surface cleaner for my mom and aunt while it's basically free after coupons and catalinas. i had other items on my list, too. not all of my e-coupons came off, but my Kashi cereal free coupon auto-deducted at $4.49 even though it was on sale for $2 if you bought four or more boxes and my buy-one-get-one-free Classico coupon auto-deducted at the regular price of $2.79 instead of the sale price of $2, so i only came out $1 higher than i had expected. here's the breakdown:

4 boxes Kashi Heart to Heart cereal (3 blueberry cluster, 1 honey oat circles)
1 jar Classico three mushroom pasta sauce
1 jar Classico alfredo sauce
2 boxes safeway pasta
1 Secret deodorant
1 Right Guard Total Defense 5 deodorant
1 Old Spice deodorant
1 Old Spice body wash
4 Windex multi-surface cleaners (2 "green" with vinegar, 2 anti-bacterial)
1 4-lb bag boneless skinless frozen chicken breast

Total money paid after coupons, e-coupons and OYNO catalinas: $1.62

and i got back 2 $2 OYNO catalinas for buying 4 windex.

tomorrow i will go back and buy 4 more windex at $1.99 each when you buy 3 or more, use 4 $1/1 coupons, but 2 cheap filler items (say, an onion and a jalepeno, both of which i need for a recipe i'm going to try), my total will be roughly $5, i'll pay with the 2 $2 OYNO catalinas i got today plus less than $1 cash, then i'll get back 2 more $2 OYNO cats. rinse and repeat three more times to use all my windex coupons. anyone need any windex multi-surface cleaner???


Luv 2 Kreate said...


Karamat said...

Wow!!! We need to plan a HMQG field trip shopping with you!

safieh said...

You know, I thought about following you, knowing you'd end up at a grocery store somewhere in the greater houston metroplex, but I thought it would be a bit stalkerish. Now I see that I should have. We need to have a coupon tutorial before we do anything else with quilts!

BTW, what's a OYNO catalina?????

amy and the bad cats said...

@safieh - heh. next time you can follow me! an OYNO catalina is a coupon that spits out of the little machine next to the cash register. sometimes you get random coupons, but there are often offers where if you buy x products at one time of brand z, you get a catalina coupon for $y off your next purchase. you can use these for almost everything, except prescriptions and booze.