Monday, March 15, 2010

Sewing & Saving

it was a fun-filled weekend, with highlights from my two favorite hobbies: sewing (quilting) and saving money.

first, i worked on a version of this quilt. i had some black and white fabrics left over from a log cabin quilt i made a few years back and thought they'd look interesting made up into this pattern. it took a while to find the box of fabrics i had stored, but i did finally. i got three rows (of 6) completely finished, and the blocks for the remaining 3 rows ready to piece together into rows. pictures forthcoming soon.

i also received my Quilts for Kids kit on friday, so i stitched up the top in between other things. i'll probably quilt it this friday night during the friday night sew in. the fabrics were sweet and the pattern simple and quick. i'll try to do several more of these this year. see picture above.

on the saving money front, i had a fantastic trip to randall's on friday morning. i spent $19.45 out of pocket for the following:
2 boxes Quaker Oat Squares,
2 boxes Honey Nut Cheerios,
2 boxes Corn Flakes,
1 box Chocolate Cheerios,
2 Nature Valley Nut Clusters,
4 boxes Fruit Rollups,
2 Kellogg's fruit snacks,
2 Marie's salad dressings,
2 Fresh Express bagged salads,
1 Fresh Express bagged spinach,
1 Yoplait True Delights yogurt,
6 Right Guard Deodorants,
1 Joy,
4 Oscar Meyer Lunchables
15 lbs split chicken breast, and
1 3 lb chuck roast.

not too shabby. the only things i actually paid for, after coupons and sales, were the meat.

also, last week i finished the quilting and the binding on a baby quilt for some friends who are expecting their first baby this summer. i really like how this turned out, except for the pieced strip on the back, where the grey patch in the block makes a "gap tooth" effect because they are bordered in the same color.

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Luv 2 Kreate said...

You are going to have to teach me your shopping secretes! All that money saved could go towards more fabric!!! LOL