Tuesday, May 19, 2009

DIY Chinese

photo by www.thaiawayhome.com

After hanging out with M at his BBQ cook-off this weekend, and thus eating lots and lots and lots of meat, I was kind of "beefed" out. So, for dinner last night, I made stir-fried rice, using some leftover pork tenderloin I had diced and put in the freezer two weeks ago after we'd eaten our fill of pork at the time. I also had M stop at the store and pick up some eggroll wrappers so we could make some of those to go with dinner.

Stir-fried rice - total cost=$2.40
Eggrolls - total cost=$3.52

For less than 6 bucks, we both had dinner, I just ate the leftover fried rice and 2 eggrolls for lunch, and we still have 8 or 9 eggrolls for later!!!

Verdict - This was a very easy, very inexpensive, very tasty dinner we can add to our list of "meals to make again."

Note: The picture is not wat we made. We ate it all, so no pics! I'll try to take a picture of the leftover eggrolls and post it later if we don't devour them too quickly.

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