Sunday, February 8, 2009

Best Freebie EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

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today, my co-workers and i were treated to the best freebie ever! the director of the Houston Zoo took us to see the brand new baby giraffe, Miles. we got to pet him for a bit and take photos, then we got to feed the grown giraffes. seriously, Miles is the cutest thing EVER! he's only ten days old, and he's adorable. he was friendly and playful and affectionate. i got quite a few giraffe kisses!

to make this freebie even better, we got to park in employee parking by the entrance (and let me tell you, that was a huge deal, because it seemed like everyone in houston was going to the zoo or somewhere else in hermann park today!) and after the show-and-tell with Miles, we could take advantage of being at the zoo to see the other exhibits. my co-workers bailed, and since my husband was out of town and didn't get to go with me, i just checked out the meerkats and then left. i'll go back with M and explore another time.

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